Darrin Stevens is a modern commercial outdoors, adventure and lifestyle photographer, 27 years old based in the central gateway to Northern Ontario, Canada, where he has lived most of his life.

From a small town North of Toronto, living in Ontario has changed him forever. It has pushed him to appreciate what others may not see in the environment around him, to show just how beautiful places can truly be and what we need to protect. Darrin visualizes and focuses on the past and the present while inspiring to search for new authentic landscapes that resonate deep within Canadian heritage. 

It has been a great passion and interest of Darrin's to be able to capture the authenticity and beauty of where he lives, while including friends, clients, and brands wherever he travels.

Darrin's style of photography is heavily inspired by film and vintage minimalism, aiming for clean and concise images, while capturing and creating emotions and attention to detail. There is a passion and forthright meaning that is always strived for in every photograph.



Client List —

North Eastern Ontario Travel & Tourism
Muskoka Grown
Muskoka Brewery
Home Hardware
Innis & Gunn
Live Out There
Trail Foody
Granville Island Brewery